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In June 2011, I explored the Umpqua River area of Oregon and then turned my viewfinder on nearby Crater Lake. A record winter snowfall kept the Crater Rim drive closed through much of June, so access to many vantages points was severely limited. But I was able to put on my snowshoes and reach some vantage points that made possible the images you see in this collection. Most of the images were created from rim trails east of the historic Crater Lake Lodge or northwest of Discovery Point. One advantage to having so much snow on the caldera walls was that noontime reflections were absolutely sensational, with the snow adding a degree of contrast to the caldera's rock that you just don't get after the snowmelt. The reflections were also a tribute to the incredible clarity of the lake's water. The lake lived up to its reputation as being the bluest water I've ever seen. A truly amazing natural phenomenon.
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