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Culture, music, theater, architecture, history. England, the third country in our 22-nation, year-long journey around the world, was welcoming and intriguing in every way. In London, we delighted in the history and architecture of the Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the Parliament building. In the countryside, we were in awe of the effort undertaken to move massive rocks over 200 miles across the English landscape to Salisbury Plain. What purpose did Stonehenge serve? How did they manage it? We also visited a birds of prey sanctuary and admired the beautiful birds we found there near Andover. In Oxford, it was all about the River Thames and the famous university there. In Stratford-Upon-Avon, you couldn't help but imagine the ghost of William Shakespeare walking along the tranquil Avon River at dawn, being inspired by the beautiful light that shone upon the glassy surface as white swans glided by. I also got to photograph one of the great and most memorable faces of the entire round-the-world -- a Shakespearean actor who performed with heart and soul in front of the Shakespeare museum. Enjoy the tour.