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Our longest flight in a round-the-world, one-year journey was from Sydney, Australia to Santiago, Chile – more than 13 hours. It was all worth the effort even if the only place we saw, no matter how briefly, was Torres del Paine National Park at sunrise.
Chile was the 18th country we visited on an itinerary that took us to 23 countries from mid-June 2014 to June 2015. After spending a few days in crowded and smoggy Santiago, including a visit to the former home of celebrated Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, we were ready to escape to the countryside. Once again we traveled in an out of rainstorms. But by this time, we were seasoned travelers and knew that unstable weather meant incredible photographic opportunities. And, as you’ll see by the images in this collection, Patagonia’s famed storms created conditions ripe for “stunners” and “keepers.”
This collection focuses on the Chilean side of Torres del Paine. The national park spans two countries – Chile and Argentina – at the southern end of the Andes Mountain Range. The two nations have even fought border skirmishes over the national park over the years. But one thing both countries have accomplished is keeping the park pristine and wild.
I hope you enjoy your time spent looking through these travel and wildlife photos and dramatic landscape images.