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Valley of Fire State Park is located a short drive north of Las Vegas, Nevada, in the Mojave Desert. It features phenomenal Aztec and Navajo sandstone rock formations similar to the national parks in southern Utah. Colorful veins of lavender, red, rust, yellow and purple streak the sandstone as a result of oxidation of iron minerals. In places, a rose quartz can be found amid the sandstone formations. The valley was once the bed of an inland sea. Petrified pine trees, seashells and coral have been found in the formations, a testament to the variety of climate changes that have occurred here.
The Runway, Valley of Fire_130305_0171Parallel Universe II, Valley of Fire_130304_0491Sunrise in the Valley of Fire_130305_0024Aztec & Navajo Mix, Valley of Fire_130305_0049The Castle, Valley of Fire_130305_0610Valley of Fire Sunrise_0004_05_06Eagle Rock, Valley of Fire_130305_0047Balancing Rock, Valley of Fire_0363_64_65Valley of Fire_0188_89_90Fire Wave, Valley of Fire_0595_96Valley of Fire_Panorama5Slot Canyon, Valley of Fire_0435_36_37_38Cactus & Red Rock, Valley of Fire_130305_0159Burnished Sandstone, Valley of Fire_130304_0350Burnished Sandstone, Valley of Fire_130304_0361Desert Denizen, Valley of Fire_130304_0372Valley of Fire_0439_40_41 copyArch in Progress, Valley of Fire_130304_0479Hoodoos, Valley of Fire_130304_0521Sandstone Forms, Valley of Fire_0347_48_49