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Our visit to Wales, the fourth of 22 countries we explored during our nearly year-long journey from mid June 2014 to the mid May 2015, was highlighted by visits to two medieval castles and beautiful drives through the scenic Welsh countryside. The biggest challenge was driving on narrow two-lane roads without shoulders while being hemmed in by slate stone walls that made any swerving unforgiving. It left me feeling a tad claustrophobic, especially when large Greyhound type tourist buses came barreling down the road in the opposite direction, or when I would cross a one-lane bridge without being able to see oncoming traffic on the other side. Driving through small villages in the Welsh countryside also was an experience, as motorists do not like to slow down for pedestrians. While our visit was short, and a rainstorm washed out our attempt to visit the summit of Mt. Snowdon via funicular, it was a new experience to listen to the Welsh dialect.