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France was the sixth stop on our one-year journey to 23 countries that took us from Iceland to Turks & Caicos between June 14, 2014 and May 20, 2015. Plenty of great opportunities for landscape photography and urban street scenes as we traveled from Paris to Lyon to Annecy and finally, Chamonix over a three-week period.
In terms of pure visual enjoyment, France was definitely in the top five of the countries we visited. In Lyon and Paris, we definitely learned that food is art in the mind of the French culinary greats. I tried to capture that "flavor," (pun intended) by focusing my camera on the variety of foods and colors on display. Presentation is everything in French window displays in bakeries and markets.
Inspiring architecture, most of it medieval, turned up everywhere. I went for the big picture in the aerial views of Lyon and Paris I took from iconic places such as the Eiffel Tower's observation deck and Lyon's Basilica de Notre Dame. Finer details, such as in the secret passages of Lyon and the interior of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris also proved compelling subjects.
There is no denying that there are many beautiful rivers flowing through French cities and towns, from the Seine in Paris to the Saone in Lyon, and these are usually spanned by bridges that are works of art in themselves. So you'll find plenty of river scenery in this gallery, usually captured by long exposures that emphasize the glassiness of the water's suface or night scenes with stunning reflections.
Annecy offered a village-like charm with its colorful medieval buildings and canals as well as its stunning location alongside one of France's most beautiful lakes.
Finally, there were the French alps around Chamonix there are cable gondolas that sweep you up to hiking trails from which there are magnificent views of the Mont Blanc massif. Some of the most memorable highlights of the round-the-world journey took place in the alps near Lac Du Blanc, where we got to enjoy a magnificent sunset on the mountains as well as a surprise visit from a wildlife celebrity.
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