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I am very pleased to invite you to view my "The Alabama Hills" gallery. This was the final leg of my two-week journey through the Eastern Sierra Nevada via scenic Highway 395 in California.
The first time I ever heard of the Alabama Hills was in connection with one of America's greatest photographers, Ansel Adams. His images of the landscape there and at nearby Manzanar made both locations popular. Today, hoards of photographers visit the Alabama Hills almost daily. It is a strange and unique landscape. Hollywood has used the location for many a movie. The giant piles of boulders strewn around the acres and acres composing the Alabama Hills look as if they were abandoned, like marbles, by some colossus who got tired of playing with them. They provide endless opportunities for the photographers who explore its many viewpoints. The Alabama Hill sits between the lofty peaks of the Sierra Nevada to the west, with Lone Pine Peak and Mt. Whitney being the two most dominant peaks in view, and the Inyo Mountains across the Owens River Valley to the east.
It was my second visit to the Alabama Hills, and I came away with great admiration for how beautifully the sunrise makes the Sierra Nevada glow and how the landscape is transformed so magically by the advancing of the warm sunlight.
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