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On a recent trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park I learned just how serious the snowfall was this winter in the higher elevations of California's mountains. Although it was mid-July, the road through the park that connects the northern to the southern entrance was still closed due to unploughed snow. The park received up to 40 feet this past winter. It was my first time to the park, and although I was disappointed that I would not be able to explore many of the areas due to snow closures, their was a silver lining in that I could focus on certain areas in the southern part of the park that were accessible. In other words, I could do a more thorough job of seeing fewer locations rather than spreading myself too thin trying to get to photograph everyplace in the park. This meant I could return to certain locations several times to try to photograph the scene in the best possible light. And, as you'll see from these images, there was some mighty fine light. Lassen is a place I've already committed myself to returning to not only to see the parts that were closed by snow, but also because Lassen lacks the crowds of many of of our more popular national parks. Lassen ranks in the bottom third in terms of visitors to our 59 national parks.
Jul122017_LassenNP_0123_0124Jul132017_LassenNP_0021_0022Full Moon Over LassenTwilight On Lake ManzanitaTranquil Water, Manzanita LakeJul112017_LassenNP_0238Jul112017_LassenNP_0243Jul122017_LassenNP_0161_0162Jul132017_LassenNP_0033_0034Jul132017_LassenNP_0061_0062Jul132017_LassenNP_0085_86_87Jul122017_LassenNP_0114_0116Jul132017_LassenNP_0107_0109_0110Jul122017_LassenNP_0171Jul122017_LassenNP_0176Jul122017_LassenNP_0195Jul122017_LassenNP_0208Autumn on Manzanita LakeOct032017_LassenNP_2238_39_40Mt. Lassen's East Face