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I am very pleased to invite you to view my "Bishop Creek Canyon" gallery.
If there was one place that embodied "autumn" for me on my two-week journey in October down Highway 395 on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada, it was Bishop Creek Canyon. The canyon was full of willows, aspens and cottonwoods in vivid, vibrant, peak fall foliage at the lower elevations. At the higher elevations, the canyon split off to end at three picturesque lakes – South, North and Sabrina – where wind and cold were just beginning to take a toll on the autumn foliage.
I spent much of my time visiting the lakes at dawn, photographing parts of lovely Bishop Creek, and pursuing the changing light on the dense groves of trees that thrive along the banks of this scenic stream as it courses its way down to the town of Bishop in the Owens River Valley.
Ask any nature photographer about photographing forests and I am sure they will relate to you how difficult a task that is. The light and weather conditions have to be right; and you need to find a particular perspective to make sense of the scenes in the forest seen through all those trees. But in Bishop Creek Canyon, the compositions seemed to be rampant, elegant and jaw-dropping. See if you don't agree that nature certainly can put on quite a show in this magical place.
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