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It was April 2015 and we were exploring Costa Rica, the 22nd of 23 countries we had put on a list of places to visit when we started this round-the-world journey months earlier in June 2014. I was completely conflicted about the prospect of this journey’s end. On one hand I was excited to get home to Oregon and back into my familiar routine. On the other hand, I knew I would miss the excitement and enthusiasm generated by seeing places I had never seen before each and every day.
The images I’ve been posting from this trip were created with the thought that they would capture the spirit of the journey my family and I took and help perpetuate those memories and raw emotions. I hung a pretty heavy responsibility on their shoulders, and I think that they have lived up to that expectation. I hope it’s made them more enjoyable and meaningful to look at for you as well.
Costa Rica was all about rainforest, wildlife diversity, waterfalls, intense humidity, volcanoes and earthquakes (we felt a big jolt in Corcovado). It’s beautiful beaches provided amazing sunsets and sunrises. I am happy to invite you to my “Costa Rica” Gallery. Just select the word “BUY” at the top of the page when viewing an image to bring up a menu of framing and print size options. Enjoy a 15% discount if you purchase a print from this gallery before July 1. Just use the code word Rainforest at checkout.
Turks & Caicos was the 23rd and final stop on our journey before returning home to the USA. I've included the few images I took here in the Costa Rica Gallery. Technically a British territory rather than a country, the humidity was so high on this Caribbean island that my lens fogged over most of the time I tried to take photographs. Honestly, though, I spent most of the time on the island in a hammock at the pool or by the beach. But there were that one gorgeous sunset and sunrise that I was fortunate to capture and remember as the final photographs I would take on this most memorable of trips.
Thanks for following along with me on this journey.
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