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These latest images are from the Mammoth Lakes area of the eastern Sierra Nevada in California. My quest for fall foliage led me to a four-wheel drive terrain journey on Sherwin Creek Road just outside the village of Mammoth Lakes. My Toyota FJ, with its big fat steel-belted tires, high clearance suspension and shock absorbers that cost an arm and a leg, got a good workout on this narrow dirt road that provided some nice vistas of Sierra Nevada peaks, including Mammoth Mountain, and groves of aspens, cottonwoods and willows in fall color splendor. I encountered only two other vehicles on this road for the the two hours I was on it.
From Sherwin Creek I drove up to Devil's Postpile Volcanic National Monument to see the amazing columnar basalt there. That trip included a stop at an overlook of the The Minarets – granite peaks in the Sierra Nevada's Inyo National Forest – as well as a hike to Minaret Falls.
I ended my stay in the Mammoth Lakes area with a couple of pre-dawn visits to nearby Convict Lake, where the beautiful eastern face of Mt. Laurel positively glowed eerily in the light of a full moon combined with the first light of the sun before it cleared the eastern horizon. It was quite a show both mornings, and I hope you get a sense of the beauty of this place from the images in this gallery.
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